“Encouraging Moms to Find Grace, Joy, Freedom, Purpose, Resilience and Thrive through Christ in the Journey of Motherhood”

“I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit”
– Ephesians 3:16

“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth”
– Psalms 127:4





Are you a Mom who feels overcommitted and overwhelmed? Exhausted and expended? Stressed and stretched too thin? Running on empty and out of breath? Depleted and feeling defeated? Anxious and restless? Burned out and what to give up?

I get it! I’ve been there! And I know exactly how you feel.

I’m a wife, mom of 3 adorable little ones and a physician. Life is busy, with crazy schedules, hectic days and more times than I’d like to admit, things are out of control. And for someone who likes to be in control, or seem like I have it all under control, I have wrestled hard to juggle it all for so long. That is, be a good wife, a great mom and be outstanding at my work.

I thought I could to do all, be it all and have it all. Until I became burned out with exhaustion from the juggling act of life and motherhood. That’s when I realized that something had to change.

REST was what I desperately needed. It’s undeniably what we all need. I have found rest in God. He is the only One who can give us rest for our weary souls (Matthew 11:28). And with God’s wisdom, I’m learning to press pause, slow down, embrace rest and prioritize what’s most important in life.

If you want rest from the busyness of life and motherhood, join us at The Empowered Mom Club as we learn to rely on God’s Wisdom and Strength to empower us. And to help us navigate our calling as Moms with grace, joy, freedom, purpose, resilience and not just survive but thrive in the journey of motherhood.

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