The Signs We Feel but Ignore

We know that rest is important yet most of us struggle to make time to rest.
You know long before anyone else tells you that you need to rest. Or that you need to slow down because your body has been communicating this to you.

Whether you choose to listen to your body or not, here are 6 signs your body might be communicating to you that you lack physical rest:

• Do you lack the energy to do all the physical tasks on your to do list?

• Do you feel tired but have difficulty falling asleep?

• Do you frequently get sick due to a weak immune system?

• Do you experience frequent muscle pain and soreness?

• Do you depend on substances to give you more energy (caffeine, sugar, energy drinks)?

• Do you depend on substances to give you more rest (alcohol, pills, comfort foods)?

Tired and Sleepless

In a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, over 60 percent of the participants reported they had trouble sleeping almost every night. Over 40 percent stated that they rarely got a good night’s sleep.

Studies reveal that one-third of the population feels worn out because of overbooked lives. Over 97 percent of us admit that we feel tired most of the time.

As a physician, over 25% of the people I see, want to investigate the cause of unexplained fatigue.

Most of us turn to quick fixes such as caffeine, energy drinks, protein bars and ginseng-based products for a boost of energy to fight our exhaustion.

Some of these provide a temporary burst of energy but eventually leave us with a hangover feeling and more exhausted than we’ve ever been.

The Benefit of Exercise

Studies show that exercising lightly three day a week for just twenty minutes reduced fatigue symptoms by 65 percent, increased alertness and energy levels.

So, the next time you’re tempted to get a quick fix for your lack of rest, force yourself to take a walk and exercise for ten to twenty minutes instead. You’ll experience a sustained increase in your energy level instead of the highs and lows of stimulants.

Let’s be courageous enough to listen to what our body is saying and respond. Let’s learn our body’s love language. Listen to the unspoken language of your muscles and nerves.

Time-Out is not Punishment

Nobody likes time-out. My kids certainly don’t like it because they see it as punishment.

Time-out forces us to sit still and most of us aren’t comfortable being still for more than five minutes. We become restless when we’re still. Our minds race with all the things we could be doing in that moment.

When we don’t listen to the physical need of our body to rest, eventually, we are forced into time-out. Not as punishment but in order for our bodies to recover and be restored back to a healthy state.

“Our bodies know secret paths into sacred rest if only are willing to listen to them”. – Saundra Dalton-Smith, Sacred Rest.

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