Motherhood life is busy but don’t neglect your health. It’s the best investment you can give yourself.


The busyness of motherhood can make us put everything else in our lives in the back seat because we don’t think we have the time. We are so preoccupied taking care of the needs of others and our health and self-care are no where on our to-do lists. We ignore our health and neglect self-care. But the greatest gift you can give yourself is investing in your health and self-care because it matters. Creating a healthier future matters and it starts right now with making healthier choices one step at a time.


So make your health and self-care a priority because it matters.


As a family physician, women’s health is my passion. So I’ll be sharing with you from time to time, some of the most relevant tools we need to live and support healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.



Meet Susan

Hi, I’m Susan! An ordinary girl who is learning to press pause, slow down, capture the beautiful moments in every day, embrace rest, find joy in the mundane and to prioritize what’s most important in life.

I love to encourage Moms about how God is showing up in the journey of life, family and motherhood. I can’t wait to hear your story!

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