How to Rest from Constant Mind Chatter

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Mental Clutter

When left unchecked, the mind collects inconceivable amounts of information. The constant influx of information the mind receives makes up our mental background noise. Thoughts about the future, the past, and the present.

The mind is magnificent, but its tendency is to settle on negative thoughts rather than positive ones. Infused with negativity, the mind prefers to focus on thoughts that intensify worry, stress, anger and frustration. Thoughts such as anxiety about the future, regrets about the past and discontentment about our present.

Mind Chatter

As important as it is to rest your body, it’s equally important to quiet your mind from the constant influx of information it receives. Mental rest involves deliberately releasing the constant stream of thoughts entering your mind quickly in order to maintain a sense of stillness.

Your mind chatter may seem like it never stops. We are constantly contemplating,
• ideas
• thoughts
• feelings and
• emotions

As moms, we live a state of mental chaos as our minds feel like they’re going are a hundred miles an hour with all kinds of thoughts. From a mental check list of,
• endless to-dos
• kid’s activities
• meal planning
• work responsibilities
• household duties and so much more

Trying to clear your mind of this background noise from the constant mind chatter of your thoughts can be difficult. And it influences your day.

Types of Mental Noise

Mental noise is the ongoing chatter of the mind. It’s the internal running dialogue you have with yourself. It’s the mental space where your ideas are born, and your feelings roam freely as you process them.

Your mental noise starts to play from the moment you wake up in the moment to the moment you fall as sleep. It may even prevent you from falling asleep. The constant chatter of the mind is draining and exhausting.

Here are some types of mental noise you may experience:

• thinking the same thoughts over and over as if stuck in an endless loop

• self-critiquing and evaluating yourself or others in an ongoing inner monologue

• reliving past evens and rewriting your script with what you wish you’d done

• dwelling on what-ifs and fear of the future

• processing current situations through the lens of past pain or regret

• constant escapism – fantasizing about another place/time instead of experiencing the present

• never being totally present – always thinking about something other than what’s in front of you.

Mental Rest

The constant and continuous mental effort required to perform tasks and the concentration demands on your mind causes mental fatigue and exhaustion from overactivity of the brain cells.

People with creative, academic and mentally stressful jobs are predispose to this type of rest deficit.

The signs of mental exhaustion are often worse later in the workday. Mind fog sets in and with it reduced concentration, lack of focus, increased mistakes, poor memory recall, a decreased ability to solve problems, and more difficulty completing what you need to get done.

If left unchecked, mental fatigue can worsen to mental diseases like depression. Those with a mental rest deficit often experience brain chatter while asleep and never feel at peace.

Stressors from the day can remain in the brain’s stream of consciousness and be carried over into sleep, keeping the mind active when it should be at rest.

That’s why it’s so important to declutter your mental space by relinquishing your thoughts at the end of the day as we turn in for the night, so that your mind can rest and be renewed.

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Susan Tanyi

How to Rest from Constant Mind Chatter

Susan Egbe-Tanyi, MD is a board-certified family medicine physician. She is also the founder of Empowered Women Faith Club, where she writes to empower women to live confidently knowing who they are as daughters of God and encourages weary moms to find strength in God through the journey of motherhood. She is a wife, mother of three treasured kids, a passionate follower of Christ, lover of nature and a servant at heart. She practices medicine in North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and three children.


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