Motherhood life is crazy. Your Bible study doesn’t have to be. Dive deeper into the Word of God. Be empowered for the ministry of motherhood.


Experience what it means to become alive in Christ and be awakened to your purpose and the sacred calling of motherhood.

Understand the mission and ministry of motherhood as you connect and grow within an authentic community of other moms.

Find wisdom, strength, peace and rest as you learn to rely on God with unwavering and unshakeable trust.

Strengthen your knowledge of Scripture and grow your faith as we seek to understand the Bible better, together.

Find grace, joy, freedom, purpose, and thrive in Christ as you learn how to navigate through some of the hardest seasons in motherhood.





Meet Susan

Hi, I’m Susan! An ordinary girl who is learning to press pause, slow down, capture the beautiful moments in every day, embrace rest, find joy in the mundane and to prioritize what’s most important in life.

I love to encourage Moms about how God is showing up in the journey of life, family and motherhood. I can’t wait to hear your story!

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It's my goal to inspire and empower you in your journey of motherhood. Please join us!

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