The pressure to be enough. The pressure to be perfect. The pressure to be everything to our kids. The pressure we put on ourselves to do better. The pressure others put on us to be better. The pressure to pass on our faith to our children.

We are under so much PRESSURE!

The pressure we feel when it seems as if all the burden of our family rests on our shoulders.

We feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of influence we carry and yet we feel so inadequate to help our children become all we hope they would be.

We desperately want the best for our kids, so we do our very best and still fall short.

The pressure paralyzes us and we feel powerless because there is so much we can’t control, prevent or fix.

We feel as if we’re drowning underneath the pressure to measure up and it makes you want to quit altogether.

I did. I wanted to throw my hands up in the air so many times and cry out to God because I just couldn’t do it all. I couldn’t measure up.

It was too much PRESSURE.

Who am I kidding?

I have thrown my hands up in up in the air when I cracked under the pressure, in absolute surrender to God, begging “Jesus take the wheel. Cause I can’t do this on my own. Save me from the road I’m on.”

Can you relate?

When you don’t know how to respond to the pressure you feel, you turn to alternatives in a desperate attempt to keep up and fake it until you make it.

Pretension and performance become the masks we wear to hide our inadequacies.

You work harder, striving to do more to get the applause and admiration of others while hiding your struggle to keep up.

You present a more likable version of yourself for fear that the real you isn’t good enough.

Friend, Jesus has freed us from trying to prove that we are enough by His finished work on the cross.

So stop trying so hard to be enough because Jesus was and is more than ENOUGH.

One of my favorite scripture verse is, Psalm 46:10 NASB, “Cease striving and know that I am God.”

In the NIV version, it reads: “Be Still and know that I am God.” The Hebrew meaning of “Be Still” means “ENOUGH”.

This is so profound because God is saying to you and I, Moms in the trenches, trying so hard to be everything to our kids, “Enough of trying to be enough!”

In Week 2 of our Bible & book study, we explore God’s Grace which sets us free from the pressure to be everything to our kids. And passing on our faith to our children.

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