Every mom knows the feeling of being lost in motherhood because you set yourself aside to take care of the needs of your children and your family.

I know this feeling too well.

We may be deeply immersed and drowning in all the obligations and responsibilities of motherhood that we lose who we are.

I bet like me, you have wrestled with feeling lost and questioned “who you are” or “who you had become”.

Everyone wrestles with the question of “Who am I?” We are all searching for a sense of worth. We want to feel “good enough”. We want to feel important. Significant. Wanted. Appreciated and treasured.

In all honesty, being a mom isn’t a glamorous job. Despite all we do, we rarely feel important or appreciated

Although our kids and family need us, it’s not the same feeling as being wanted.This may lead us to search for a sense of worth and value in other places such as; our jobs, education, accomplishments, abilities, interests, talents, hobbies, possessions, reputation and more.

Some of us have believed lies about ourselves, such as, “I am just a mom” and our identity is tied to becoming a mom. So, we rely on our kids to give us a sense of worth and value.

Friend, I am as guilty as you are.

For me, my job as a physician gave me a sense of importance and significance that motherhood didn’t. So I focused my time and energy at my work in order to escape some of the hard responsibilities of being a mom.

But this was only a false sense of identity and worth because who I am is not defined by what I do.

Who I am, is only defined by who God says I am. That is where my true sense of worth lies.

How has becoming a mom affected your identity?

Have you ever lost your identity in motherhood?

What areas in your life do you define yourself by?

What are some things that give you a false sense of worth?

What are some of the lies you have believed about who you are?

In Week 3 of our Bible & book study, we’ll dig deeper to know our identity in Christ which defines our true sense of worth.

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